Design is that extra special touch that makes your event come to life. It is asking, “What if?” and letting our imaginations run wild. It is something as simple as the perfect linen and napkin combination. It is lighting and entertainment that wows. It’s fun and interesting on every level. Design is also branding and supporting a message. It is subtle and engaging. It is smooth and easy. When good design meets exceptional services offered, success and awe-inspiring moments await.

Our designers have over 30 years of experience creating perfect events for clients. Trust your corporate, social, or wedding event to our team of professionals working hand in hand with our culinary team to provide all of the services and ideas you could ever want to produce an amazing event.


Funky’s custom design process starts with an initial private meeting to learn about your vision, goals and parameters. Then we set our minds loose to create a custom “What If” plan for you. This is the dream all rolled together and tied with a great big bow. It is the “WOW” in all capital letters.

After this initial phase, we work with you to hone and sculpt the perfect combination of “What If” and practical to create a one- of-a-kind event that’s everything you need it to be.


If you can name it, we can find it, build it or borrow it, it is rentable for your event. Tents, furniture, tables, chairs, linens, lighting, pool cabanas, and mechanical bulls are just a few of the normal and slightly unusual items available for rent. Think of everything from a giant backdrop depicting a Palace of Versailles to the top of the steeple from Churchill Downs. Nothing is off limits to make your event look and feel perfect.

Rockin’ Club DJ, trapeze artist, 32 piece band and Cuban cigar roller are just a few of the forms of entertainment that we have provided for our clients.

Our reach goes as far beyond Cincinnati to find just what you are looking for so please ask, chances are we know where we can find entertainment that will blow the minds of your guests.


A smooth free-flowing event only happens when there is a detailed plan in place. Our designers and coordinators are skilled masters at writing a comprehensive time line or “run of show” that will consider every aspect of your event and all vendors and details neccessary to make it a success. Don’t plan the most amazing event known to man and then leave the details to take care of themselves. Coordination is key to peace of mind with an easy and effortless event. Pricing varies based on the scope of the event and location.