Dear Funky – This is a way overdue note to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your efforts to make Helen and Andrew’s wedding reception the perfect evening and perfect memory! The food was nothing less then spectacular! We have received countless thank you notes, emails and texts: without fail, every single one raves about your meal! I really mean this note after note describes your meal as “the best” food they have ever had at such a large event. Funky, you and your team from Cecilia to the dishwashers…knocked yourselves out for us! Please convey our sincerest thanks and appreciation to your entire team. Your product was over the top!!!

Written with much love and gratitude,
Emmy and Tony

Hi Cecilia – I apologize for the delay in expressing my gratitude and praise to you and other Funky’s Catering staff following Claire and Bryce’s wedding on September 5th. It was an amazing day and we were so pleased with how everything turned out at Pinecroft. The service was first class from the moment we arrived that morning until the reception ended that evening.Annette was a tremendous help as the wedding coordinator. It was so nice to be relieved of responsibilities and be told what, when and how to! She was very pleasant and calm throughout the day, even as we coped with the robbery at the church.

Noah was on top of his game at the reception. The meal was perfectly prepared and enjoyed by all. Although we missed the cocktail hour due to the delay at the church, many guests commented how great the hors d’oeuvres were and how much they enjoyed seeing the beautiful property. Unfortunately, it rained but not at key times on the schedule. Noah approached me once that evening to advise me that some of the tall floral arrangements would need to be altered. A guest had attempted to use a tall vase as a beer glass…yikes! just for the record, that was a cousin on the Lindsay side! Although I totally missed the bagel bites, I heard they were quite good. Kuddos to Noah for accommodating that request.

Finally, many thanks to you, Cecilia for all the planning, patience and expertise that you provided to make it such a fabulous day. Everything came to together just like you promised! Even the nearby eyesore, the halfway demolished hospital, was insignificant with so many beautiful visuals to focus on. Please share that with Jerin.

I wish you and the team continued success and hope to see you at future events when I am on the guest list.

Best regards,